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Located in the picturesque countryside of Lindale, Texas, Oak Haven Arabians is a farm established and operated on the idea of family, all for the love and appreciation of the Arabian horse. Luscious Oak trees line the entrance to the farm, and the beautiful scenery of East Texas—rolling hills, pine trees, and lush green pastures—welcome all newcomers and create a spectacular backdrop for a farm that is making major headway in the evolving Arabian industry.

Just 30 years ago, Blake and Genna Krohn moved to Lindale, Tx with big hopes for this promising Arabian farm. At this time 30 years ago, Blake worked for esteemed owners Ira and Sally Morris, and upon their retirement ten years later, Blake and Genna recognized a wonderful opportunity for their family as they took the reins and purchased Oak Haven. In 20 years under the ownership of Blake and Genna, Oak Haven has transformed from a small Arabian farm to an increasingly successful operation. With perseverance, hard work, experience, and love for the Arabian horse, Oak Haven continues to prove itself in the marketing, breeding, and training aspects of the Arabian industry.

Oak Haven consists of six barns, a brand new indoor arena, an outdoor arena, and two sizable round pens. This accommodating facility, along with a perfectly mild climate, allow for an ideal training experience that is incredibly conducive to the Arabian horse. Main trainers Blake, and son, Jason, have great experience and knowledge in instructing every kind of rider. From beginners to more advanced riders, they offer a qualified level of understanding and dedication that is recognizable and renowned.

It’s no secret that the Arabian industry experiences change, ups and downs, and inconsistencies like any other evolving market. In order to readily adapt in today’s Arabian industry, Oak Haven has proven that it, too, has evolved alongside the market. In its early years, the farm placed its focus on public training, attempting to reach out and expand clientele the best they knew how. Although this is still a very important aspect of the farm, things have changed. Oak Haven has diversified from a farm with a concentrated solitary focus, to a farm that offers every service that an Arabian owner might need.

Jason has ridden two of Oak Haven’s own foals to national championships, confirming that the promising and relatively young breeding program really can produce from the ground up. Through the hard work and dedication of Blake to advance the breeding capabilities of the farm, he has proven that Oak Haven is not only able to train Arabians to their full potential as show horses, but it has the means to breed special and talented horses with incredible potential. Through Blake’s astute concern with finding the right crosses between their own and outside mares and stallions—new and exciting foals have been bred, broke, and trained at Oak Haven. Starting from the ground up is not an easy feat for a growing farm, but Oak Haven is branching into a full-service farm where breeding, training, and marketing are all well within the range of their abilities. A definite point of pride comes from raising a baby from start to finish, and with time, effort, understanding, and perseverance, Oak Haven has proven that it can transcend into a farm that can truly do it all! Come witness greatness in the making—you might just find national champion waiting to be discovered out in the Texas pasture!  


“I got my first Arabian when I was 14, and I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to be a trainer. I was so consumed by their beauty and I loved riding. And today, I still love everything about training horses. From the moment I step into the barn and smell the aroma of horses, all the way to the end of the day when I’ve made headway with maybe half of them. It’s my passion.”

Growing up in southern Ohio, Blake Krohn always felt a passion for the Arabian horse. Through high school, Blake got his start working for Jim Clinton in exchange for boarding his horse. His interest in Arabians only got stronger with time and experience and his second Arabian job was under owners Bud and Nola Miller at Emkay Arabians through college. He became the main trainer there, and when the farm moved to Tucson, Az, he and his wife Genna went too. He worked for Emkay for 7 years before moving to Lindale, Tx, the site of Oak Haven Arabians. Ten years of training for Ira and Sally Morris up to their retirement led to Blake and Genna’s purchase of the farm.

For Blake, it’s not about personal gains and titles he has acquired through the years. His joy emanates from training horses and riders and getting them in the show ring. He lives for the thrill and entertainment of watching his sons and amateurs show, concluding that the stress of the showing Arabians can be easily matched with knowledge, experience, learning to become a better communicator, and gaining confidence in his abilities as a trainer.

“In order to be successful as a trainer, I believe that perseverance is key. As long as you keep striving to move forward, put the time in, and remain flexible in your efforts—knowledge and ultimately, success, will present itself. An open mind is also crucial. I continue to learn something new from the horses every day. ”

But Blake’s stamp on Oak Haven includes more than just the training aspect of the farm. Through time, effort, and a deep understanding of the Arabian horse, Blake has been, and continues to, expand the farm through breeding prospective champions. His hope for future of Oak Haven and the Arabian breed in general through upcoming foal crops is giving the farm a fresh market to tap into.

In the span of Blake’s 35-year career, his wide range of talents has allowed him to reach the level of success he maintains today. Now holding experience as a well-respected trainer and former judge, Blake had the privilege of judging the final Star World Arabian Horse Show.  To this date, this show remains the highest prize money show the industry has seen.  After the purchase of Oak Haven in 1992, he then took time off from judging in order to build a training/breeding business and to help raise his seven children. And now, twenty years later, 45 national and reserve national champions have been won between himself and his youth and amateur riders. These have been won in nearly every division, including Park, English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Country Pleasure Driving, Western Pleasure, Halter and Equitation. With Blake’s withstanding experience and a lifetime of hard work, Oak Haven is on the well on its way to establishing itself as one of the premier full-service farms in the country.  With his family all grown, Blake has once again attained a judge’s card; he hopes to give back through serving as a judge to an industry that has given so much to him and his family.



“Arabians have served as the string that holds our family together. I really cannot think of anything else that could do what Arabians have done for us. I am incredibly grateful that Oak Haven and the breed itself have been such a big part of our lives. I look forward to many more years with the breed that has made it all possible.”

Genna is not the first in her family to harbor a deep love and appreciation for the Arabian horse. Her grandfather, Glenn F. Purvine, was a major player in the Arabian industry years ago. He, along with E.E. Hurlbutt, was responsible for purchasing the Half-Arabian Registry, which was subsequently sold to IAHA. Purvine also had a hand in convincing Gladys Brown Edwards to draw a decal for IAHA and to do the sculpture still used for the modern day national trophies. Genna seemed to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as she soon became part of the Arabian show circuit, where she met her future husband, Blake. The Arabian horse brought Genna and Blake together, and now, 20 years after the purchase of Oak Haven, it is the Arabian horse that they have raised a family around.

The Krohn family’s dedication to Oak Haven Arabians is what keeps the farm running as smoothly as it does. Genna Krohn insists that the togetherness of her family really unifies and gives continuity to the farm. She has been an integral part of the farm since the beginning, now more so than ever as she serves as a behind the scenes cohort for Oak Haven Arabians as the spearhead of everything from payroll, accounting, client interaction, and above all, the breeding program. In the beginning years, Genna had a household of seven children to raise, thus her role in the farm was less pronounced, but as time went on, the farm gained more and more horses, and consequently, more involvement was required from Genna. She is now responsible for a great deal for the farm, especially in mare/foal care, shipment, and on-site breeding—she is truly the backbone of Oak Haven’s breeding program. For a farm that started off with one stallion, Oak Haven is now home to several promising stallions, offering more outside breeding, and overall, establishing a reputation a quality breeding farm.



“I love everything about training horses. The lifestyle, meeting people, traveling to shows, the relationships you form, teaching people and their horses—it’s such a journey from start to finish. All the time you put into it is simply an affirmation of hard work, and when you win, everyone shares your joy and admiration—the Arabian community is a such a close group.”

Jason was raised in a family very involved with the Arabian horse and he, too, shared a love for the breed at an early age. He began showing around the age of 7, and at his first Youth Nationals in 1994, at 8 years old, he won his first national championship in English Walk/Trot. Riding and showing came naturally to Jason, but at such a young age, training still wasn’t much of a certainty. However, a short few years later, this certainty did arise—from a bike. At the age of 13 or 14, Jason had his mind set on a very special trick bike, and in order to save up for it, Blake suggested that he work at the farm, riding some of the trained horses. That summer, with Blake’s help, Jason set training goals with the horses, worked toward them, and ending up learning a lot about himself and horse training in the process. From that point on, Jason began riding nearly every day, realizing that he aspired to be a horse trainer after all.

As he continued to ride, show, and learn more about the Arabian horse, Jason became more independent with his own show horses. The last two years of his youth career, Jason had full authority on the workout regime of his own horses, which allowed him to understand the preparation and planning of an ideal training strategy. He was also asked by customers to take on some young project horses and continued to help Blake school horses, both of which helped Jason to further expand his abilities as a rider. After Jason’s final Youth Nationals, he showed at U.S. Nationals the same season and took home his first U.S. National Top Ten in the Half-Arabian English Pleasure. He was well on his way as an up-and-coming trainer, and Oak Haven was pleased to officially have Jason on board.

“Oak Haven is a family owned and operated ‘Big’ farm, which is a really cool thing to be a part of. My dad has invested his life into the farm, and we’re looking to bring something special to the Arabian Industry through our breeding and training programs.”

Building on his first national championship in 1994, Jason won a total of 13 national champions and countless top tens during his youth career. In 1997, Jason was also awarded the prestigious title of APAHA Junior Horseman of the Year. Immediately following this winning youth career, Jason turned professional to train alongside his dad at Oak Haven. At this point, under Jason’s training, his youth and amateur riders and handlers have won a combined total of 34 national and reserve national champions and a great number of top tens. These wins range from Walk/Trot to 55 and over, and in everything from the English divisions to Halter and Driving. In terms of individual success, Jason’s own wins are also a good indication of his talent and dedication to his profession.  Aside from being honored with the APAHA Rising Star award in 2009 and being voted the Arabian Horse Times New Rising Star, it is clear that Jason and his talents hold much promise for the future of Oak Haven Arabians.

  • 2007 Canadian reserve national champion Purebred Country junior horse
  • 2008 Canadian national champion Half-Arabian Country junior horse
  • 2009 Scottsdale reserve champion Half-Arabian Country junior horse
  • 2009 Unanimous Canadian national champion Half-Arabian Country junior horse
  • 2009 U.S. national champion Half-Arabian Country junior horse
  • 2010 Canadian national champion Purebred Country junior horse
  • 2010 Canadian national champion Half-Arabian Park
  • 2010 Canadian Reserve national champion Half-Arabian Country Pleasure Driving
  • 2010 Unanimous U.S. national champion Purebred Country junior horse
  • 2010 U.S. reserve national champion Half-Arabian Park
  • 2011 Scottsdale Unanimous champion Purebred Country Pleasure
  • 2011 Canadian national champion Half-Arabian Country junior horse
  • 2011 Canadian reserve national champion Half-Arabian Country Pleasure
  • 2011 Canadian reserve national champion Half-Arabian Park
  • 2011 Canadian reserve national champion Half-Arabian Pleasure Driving